Our educational program is one which is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. The framework provides us with a platform from which to form enriching, educational experiences for all children, with 5 key learning outcomes. The learning outcomes are:

Children have a strong identity

Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Children are confident and involved learners

Children are effective communicators

Educators are passionate and committed to ensuring children feel a strong sense of belonging within their learning environment, that they are supported to be who they are as individual learners and that they also feel safe and confident to reach their full learning potential.

Children are ultimately the drivers of their own learning so we as educators follow children’s interests as the fundamental basis of our programs and planned activities. Educators guide learning projects which stem from children’s interests and these projects vary in length and complexity based on children’s engagement and focus.

Families are encouraged to have active input into our programming and are welcome to come and spend time at the centre anytime that is convenient for them, to provide feedback on our programs, make suggestions for learning experiences or anything they would like to see incorporated into our program.

Parent surveys are sent out to parents annually which include questions about the cultural background of families, languages spoken at home, any celebrations they get involved in, interests of children, activities occurring at home and any suggestions they may have of experiences they would like to see their child involved in at our centre and any way they think we could improve our environment. The results from these surveys are collated and then used to inform our planning and programming, aiming for the best outcomes for children and valuing this important family input into our educational program.

Our programs place a strong emphasis on developing awareness of:

- Sustainable practices and caring for the environment

- Personal health, hygiene, nutrition and dental health

- Safety concepts across many areas (sun safety, road safety, personal safety)

- Our country's indigenous culture and history

- Inclusive practices; including various cultures, races, disabilities, genders

Our centre’s statement of philosophy is incorporated into educational programs consistently. The elements of the philosophy are carefully considered, act as a platform to guide educator’s behaviour and involvement and are linked to learning experiences in each weekly program.

We use Storypark to communicate with families about childrens learning. Daily learning stories are posted onto Storypark and parents receive notifications when a story has been added. Storypark can also be used for posting children's observations, newsletters and daily information. Parents can add family members and also post their own memories, stories and comments to form individual learning journeys for each child. Parents have provided so much positive feedback about this whole online community.

Our school readiness program is a play based program which places primary importance on developing children's social and emotional readiness while in a supportive, fun learning environment. Literacy and numeracy skills are developed through informal activities as well as small group times. Parent/teacher interviews are encouraged throughout the year and end of year developmental reports are sent home, giving families honest feedback on children's progress and development.

Our centres work with families to reach individualised learning goals and provide the best possible start for children ensuring they are well prepared to start their big school journey.

We encourage feedback from anyone regarding our educational programs and aim for continuous improvement for the benefit of all children entrusted to our care.