About Us

Little Amigos is the leading childcare name in Australia. Our centres provide a warm, nurturing, safe environment for your child to grow. Discover the benefits today.

Our Staff are highly dedicated in providing an excellent quality of education and care. Staff members are well qualified, multi-skilled, enthusiastic and motivated, working together as a team in the teaching and learning process.


The value of family is most evident as staff members place
great emphasis in making the transition from home to our centre very smooth by providing a very welcoming and comfortable family/home-like atmosphere.


Our centres are open 52 weeks per year, closed on public holidays only. Each centre has ample on site parking and are in convenient locations.

Our Philosophy 

Each of our centres has their own individual philosophy but some of the principles which underpin these philosophies include the following:

* Our centres support children's interests and use these interests, as well as knowledge of the child, their culture and their developmental needs to plan our programs.

* We show respect for our country's Indigenous history and educate children about the culture and traditions.

* Encouragement of children to have a strong environmental awareness and to practice sustainable habits

* Foster children's independence in a supportive environment with appropriate guidance from educators

* Provide a school readiness program which places strong emphasis on a child's social and emotional readiness while simultaneously building pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills in a fun, play based program.

* Provide a nutritionally balanced menu which caters for various allergies and cultural food restrictions

* Encouragement of parent participation and input into our program on a regular basis.

* Provide a safe, well supervised, warm, nurturing environment where children feel a sense of belonging and comfort.